Odyssey Production’s (Odyssey) is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environments in accordance with industry standards and legislative requirements. A combination of measures will be used to minimize volunteer and patron exposure to pandemics, including the most effective control technologies available. Our procedures will protect not only our volunteers, but also other workers and patrons who enter our facilities. All volunteers must follow the procedures outlined.

Executive Responsibilities

i. Ensure that the materials (ex. Gloves, masks, alcohol based hand rubs, and washing facilities) and other resources required to ensure safety are readily available when and where they are required

ii. Ensure that volunteers are able to maintain social distancing at all facilities while completing their work safely.

iii. Implement and document the appropriate site specific control measures

iv. Ensure that volunteers and patrons use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

v. Inform and provide patrons and volunteers with Odyssey’s Pandemic Protocols

vi. Conduct a review on or before a month prior to move –in, to determine if our procedures and safety

protocols can realistically be implemented and followed

vii. Conduct a post-op after a show run no later than one month after strike, to determine if proper procedures and protocols were implemented and followed

viii. Receive Reports from the Directorial Team and Cast Representative as required

ix. Maintain records of Reviews and Reports

x. Will write a waiver for volunteers and patrons to ensure that they understand the risks associated with the pandemic.

Directorial Team Responsibilities

i. Ensure that volunteers are adequately instructed on hazard controls at facilities

ii. Ensure that social distancing is maintained

iii. Ensure that PPE is worn by volunteers

iv. Direct in a manner that eliminates or minimizes risks to volunteers and patrons

v. Conduct auditions in an online forum when possible to minimize risk

vi. Report to Board any recommended updates to safety protocols

Volunteer Responsibilities

i. Maintain social distancing

ii. Know the hazards associated with the pandemic at hand

iii. Follow established procedures as directed by the directorial team and the Board

iv. Use any required PPE as instructed

v. Report any unsafe conditions or acts to the directorial team

vi. Immediately update the directorial team if they display symptoms of the pandemic illness

vii. Label individual items and costumes to avoid contamination of fellow volunteers

viii. Will sign and adhere to waiver requirements

Cast Representative Responsibilities

i. Advocate for the safety of the volunteers to the directorial team

ii. Report to the Board if the directorial team is negligent in ensuring the safety of volunteers

iii. Encourage volunteers to follow safety procedures and protocols

Patron Responsibilities

i. Will follow all Odyssey procedures and safety recommendations

ii. Will follow all signs including foot traffic markers

Discipline: The penalty for not following all responsibilities and endangering others will be a warning. If that warning is not immediately acted upon the offensive party will be escorted off the premises.

Odyssey supports participation in the show by all volunteers and is committed to work in a spirit of consultation and cooperation with the volunteers. The Board will provide the proper equipment, training and procedures, while the directorial team and the volunteers are responsible for following all procedures, working safely and acting proactively to correct unsafe acts and conditions. All Odyssey Productions facilities, rental facilities and subcontractor facilities will contain the required disinfecting, cleaning and personal protective equipment. All volunteers should ensure that these items are stocked regularly so as not to run out. Periodic training on illness prevention and how to avoid the spread of disease will be completed by all volunteers and updated anytime additional training or information becomes available.

During a pandemic enhanced cleaning and disinfection should be used in all facilities to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

NOTE: In the event a confirmed case is present on site in any Odyssey facility, the board must approve any further advancement of the production and a specialized biohazard remediation company should be contacted for professional disinfection.

Odyssey will clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Tabletops

  2. Computers/ keyboards/mouse

  3. Technical equipment

  4. Doorknobs

  5. Light switches

  6. Handles

  7. Bathrooms

  8. Railings

  9. Eating/lounging areas

  10. Cast rooms

  11. Pens

  12. First aid equipment

  13. Props

Cleaning and disinfection should be done as often as possible and at minimum at the beginning of a rehearsal/performance, before eating, and at the end of a rehearsal/performance

Avoid sharing props, equipment and pens. Disinfect any items required to be shared.

All costumes must be individualized and must not be shared.

CLEANING: Remove visible soiling (dust, dirt) Cleaning removes rather than kills viruses and bacteria. It is done with water, detergents and steady friction from a cleaning cloth.

DISINFECTING: Kills viruses and bacteria. All visibly soiled surfaces should be cleaned before disinfection

Patron Responsibilities

i. Will follow all Odyssey procedures and safety recommendations

ii. Will follow all signs including foot traffic markers

Patron Responsibilities

i. Will follow all Odyssey procedures and safety recommendations

ii. Will follow all signs including foot traffic markers

What Products Should be Used for Disinfection

i. Household or commercial disinfection products (follow manufacturer’s instructions) or a bleach solution (1 part bleach, 9 parts water)

ii. Do not mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleaning products

iii. Spray Nine, commercial grade, do not dilute, must sit for 30 seconds on surface prior to wiping

During Cleaning/Disinfection

i. If the surface is dirty remove visible dust and debris and clean using water or detergent (soap) prior to disinfection.

ii. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for disinfection

iii. Wear appropriate PPE when working with disinfection products

After Cleaning/Disinfection

i. wash hands with soap and water using proper hand washing procedures immediately after gloves are removed.

ii. All disposable materials must be placed into a garbage bag and removed nightly.

All volunteers for Odyssey Productions are encouraged to obtain appropriate, Federal-authorized immunizations as required and available. Any volunteer feeling ill, caring for an ill individual or potentially exposed to an illness must alert the directorial team and stay home until well or a negative test result is returned.

The safety information in this policy does not take precedence over any Federal or Provincial regulations and recommendations, or City of Prince Albert bylaws.

As approved by the Odyssey Productions Board of Directors